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Saturday Workshops-Learn to groom your dog like a pro


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A Private Vocational School
1258 West Bay Drive
Suite E
Largo, FL 33770
(727) 517-9546
Fax: 727-517-1586
Salon: 727-596-CLIP (2547)
showgroomschool @ aol.com


Tuesday - Friday
11:00am - 5:00pm
On special event days hours may vary. Students may visit our video library from 9am to 11am Tuesday through Thursday.

AEWDGP Advanced Eight Week Dog Grooming: 176 Hours

First Two Weeks: 44 Hours

  • Orientation
  • Safety
  • Tools and Techniques
  • Maintenance of Show coat
  • Nutrition
  • Practice Scissor and Thinning Techniques
  • Demonstrations: Artistic Styles
  • Study and Interpret Breed Standards of the Toy and Terrier Groups
  • Breed Standard Comparisons
  • Guest Speaker: AKC Judge
  • Demonstrations: Toy and Terrier Breeds
  • Test

Second Two Weeks: 44 Hours

  • Practice Thinning and Scissoring
  • Demonstrations: Hand Scissoring
  • Practice Ring Procedure
  • All about Dog Shows
  • Timing
  • Study and Interpret Breed Standards of the Hound and Working Groups
  • Demonstrations: Hound and Working Breeds
  • Scissoring, finishing and thinning shear techniques
  • Speed Techniques
  • Test

Third Two Weeks: 44 Hours

  • Nutrition
  • Show Grooming for Movement
  • Identifying common skin and coat problems
  • Time prioritization
  • Fault correction
  • Attribute Enhancement
  • Study and Interpret breed standards of the Sporting and Non-Sporting Groups
  • Demonstrations: Sporting and Non-Sporting
  • Maintenance of Show Coat
  • Veterinarian Guest Lecture
  • Test

Fourth Two Weeks:> 44 Hours

  • The AKC Point Schedule
  • Field trip to a local Dog Show
  • Dog Show Handling Techniques
  • Study and interpret Breed Standards of the Herding Group and Miscellaneous Class
  • Demonstrations: Show Grooming
  • Demonstration: Herding
  • Dog Show Handling
  • Successful Salon Operations
  • Advanced finishing Techniques
  • Video
  • Field Trip to Local Dog Show
  • Test

The Advanced 8 week Program includes:

  • Field Trip to Local Dog Show
  • Veterinarian Guest Lecture
  • AKC Judge Guest Speaker
  • Show Grooming

This program does not include equipment

Basic Curriculum: 8 Weeks: 176 Hours

Complete 12 Week Curriculum: 264 Hours

Complete 16 Week Curriculum: 352 Hours


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